The Football Games are Over, but Respecting Our Flag Never Goes Out of Season!

Memorial day is right around the corner and as it approaches it is impossible not to get excited about spending time with family and friends while grilling out over the long weekend. But, while you enjoy the first long weekend of summer, make sure to keep in mind what this holiday is really about. Throughout our country’s history, over 1.3 million soldiers have died defending the freedom that has allowed America to remain the greatest nation on Earth.

With its 50 stars and 13 stripes, the American Flag represents the freedom that we as Americans cherish so deeply. Standing for the flag is more than a simple action, it is a symbol of pride and respect for the brave American men and women that have sacrificed everything to protect the life and liberty of everyone who has had the privilege to live in the Greatest Country on Earth!

Add you name to the list of those proudly standing for the Flag this Memorial Day Weekend!


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